Welcome to Millom Town Deal

Millom is at a turning point; an exciting time in its history when unprecedented investment in the town and its infrastructure will bring about real and tangible change; change that will make a positive difference to the lives of its residents for many years to come.

Our Journey

In September 2019, Millom became one of 101 places invited to work with the Government to propose a Town Deal with up to £25million in funds available from the wider £3.6bn Towns Fund.

Working alongside Copeland Borough Council, the Millom Town Deal Board secured £20.6 million in November 2022 for projects it identified as local priorities, along with £8.7 million in match funding.

Alongside the new Cumberland Council work is now underway to deliver our four exciting projects. Change will not happen overnight. But the Town Deal team is working hard with a variety of stakeholders to make sure every element of the plan is delivered.

Our Projects

Our Vision

Millom will be a revitalised and better-connected town built on inclusive economic growth, maximising our natural landscape and heritage.

We will be recognised as a welcoming peninsular town, with thriving independent businesses and a distinctive culture, arts and tourism offer.

Locals and visitors will enjoy active, healthy and sustainable lifestyles.

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