Millom Town Deal

Millom Town Deal

Millom is at a turning point; an exciting time in its history when unprecedented investment in the town and its infrastructure will bring about real and tangible change; change that will make a positive difference to the lives of its residents for many years to come.

Join the fun this Easter with opportunities to help shape The Iron Line


AN exciting chance to help shape the development of a unique attraction for Millom and Haverigg will take place this Easter.


Residents across the area are invited to join a series of events linked to The Iron Line – a proposal to sensitively enhance the unique nature reserve at RSPB Hodbarrow to help residents and visitors enjoy the beauty of the location.


The project is one of four that make up Millom’s Town Deal which secured an offer of £20.6 million last year from the Government’s £3.6 billion Towns Fund.


Each one is designed to meet community need by creating opportunities for Millom to prosper with thriving businesses, healthy people and a welcoming culture and tourism offer.


This week a number of planned events on The Iron Line will take place with residents invited to join:


  • A community drop in will take place on Wednesday, April 6 at Millom Guide Hall for residents to find out more about The Iron Line project. Anyone can attend between 11am and 4pm. 




These in person sessions are in addition to online opportunities to help shape the development of The Iron Line.


These are available via the engagement platform; Social Pinpoint | Home (


Here, people can share their views on how they currently feel about the area and how they use it as well as activities they would like to do in the future in the area.


They can also share details of facilities, accessibility on site and other site features.


A detailed business case is currently being developed for each of the Town Deal projects, including The Iron Line, to prove their deliverability and long term sustainability.


The business cases are set to be submitted to the Government this summer as the final stage in the process before Millom’s funding offer is confirmed.




Notes to Editors


For immediate release.

On July 27, 2019, the Prime Minister announced that the Towns Fund would support an initial 101 places across England to develop Town Deal proposals, to drive economic regeneration and deliver long-term economic and productivity growth. See further details of the announcement: PM speech at Manchester Science and Industry Museum – GOV.UK (

A Town Deal is an agreement in principle between Government, the Lead Council and the Town Deal Board. It will set out a vision and strategy for the town, and what each party agrees to do to achieve this vision. See the 101 places being supported to develop Town Deals: list-of-100-places.pdf (

Each of the 101 towns selected to work towards a Town Deal also received accelerated funding last year for investment in capital projects that would have an immediate impact and help places “build back better” in the wake of Covid-19. View a list of accelerated funding by place: towns-fund-accelerated-funding-grants.pdf (

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