Connecting Millom and Haverigg


Three major strands form the exciting proposals which make up the Connected Millom and Haverigg project. They aim to make the town more accessible, more navigable and better connected.

The project recognises Millom and Haverigg’s various roles as places to live, work and as service centres for the rural catchment area.

The proposed strands of the project are:

  1. Developing the railway station as a hub and key gateway into the town, which would see enhanced pedestrian and cyclist access to the station, along with an information point for visitors on walking or cycling trips.
  2. Transforming cycling and walking around Millom and Haverigg to ensure the town centre and wider environs are accessible and provide safe routes for people.
    Ramps and braille signage will provide for individuals with visual impairments or disabilities, while a fully accessible high quality public WC or changing facility may be created.
    The project will link with the Iron Line initiative to ensure the benefits of walking and cycling are maximised.
  3. Enhancing and upgrading town centre streets to create a better environment for residents and visitors and increase the amount of time spent in the town centre.
    This strand of the project would see Mainsgate Road, St Georges Road and Lapstone Road in Millom, along with Poolside Junction in Haverigg, undergo improvements to regulate the speed of traffic and also to improve provision for pedestrians.
As work gets under way, it is anticipated that 21 temporary jobs will be created to support the construction phase. More than three kilometres of cycle paths will be upgraded.


The projects that form part of the Millom Town Deal have been decided and funding has been secured. However, there will be occasions on which feedback and the views of residents are sought.